The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast

In which we are introduced to the Runners and they are introduced to their first job.

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In which Mr. Johnson and Vox examine the threads that will keep you from getting geeked. Or at least make you look better falling down. Also, our first impressions of Stolen Souls, and a special announcement.

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In which your hosts take a brief break from Run & Gun. Mr. Johnson interviews Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development briefly about the Shadowrun 5 Herolab update, then moves from the Sixth World to the Fourth World to discuss Earthdawn 4th edition with Josh Harrison, the line developer for Earthdawn.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the weapon accessories and modifications found in Run & Gun. In the second half of the show, Mr. Johnson sits down to talk about Realm Works campaign management software with Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development.

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson go through all the goodies in the Arsenal section of Run & Gun. In the news, some podcast love abounds, and we have a new story!

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