The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast

In which we offer you a look at campaign co-creation in our newest Shadowrun actual play podcast.

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In which we discuss Changelings and the Infected out of Run Faster.

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In which we present to you the conclusion of the Drekstorm.

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In which the team seeks out heavy machinery, follows up on a tip, and then... drek just gets weird.

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In which we chat with Jon Everist, the composer and audio director for Shadowrun Hong Kong!

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In which the team has a chance to regroup and plan the next move.

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In which we cover the Mess of Metahumanity chapter from Run Faster.  Plus: a whole lotta news, some listener questions, and a new Storytime!

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In which the team tries to get out of its predicament.

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In which we give you the details about our Patreon, launching Feb. 1st at 8PM US Central.

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