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In which the team eschews the behind-the-scenes tactics in favor of a direct approach.

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In which the team catches the others up on the situation, completes a little reconnaissance, and plays matchmaker, gang war style.

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In which we talk Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown with Jan Wagner of Cliffhanger Productions!

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In which Maverick catches up with the team and the team catches up with Maverick.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer listener questions, talk with Ray Rigel of the Catalyst Demo Team about the poster contest, and announce the winners!

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In which Mr. Johnson, along with Tim Patrick and Robert Loper of Critical Glitch, talk with Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Productions - creators of The Gamers: Natural One - about their Kickstarter for the sequel, Natural 20.

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In which the team observes the ganger and attempts to make use of what they've seen.

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In which the team finishes planning how to fix a gang war and Haze tries urban surfing.

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