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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer more of your questions and wrap up Run & Gun: called shots, martial arts, new uses for Edge, and demolitions!

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In which the team makes plans to plumb the depths of a megacorp in search of data.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson recount their Origins 2014 experience and present you with a new Storytime. Run & Gun coverage continues next week.

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In which the team spends a little down time and we get the opportunity to know a little more about them.

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In which the team gets the call, goes to the meet, and gets the opportunity to earn some hazard pay.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk Shadowrun Missions and upcoming conventions with Good Ray Rigel, Lead RPGs Agent of the Catalyst Demo Team.

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In which the team simply awaits a phone call, then intervenes in gang warfare on behalf of their hosts.

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In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss the combat maneuvers introduced in Run & Gun. Also included is a new segment, Extraterritoriality, which covers house rules.

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