The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast

In which we finish our coverage of Chrome Flesh.

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In which the team makes travel plans to deliver their cargo across national borders.

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In which the team speaks with King James about a new job, Swarm conducts a little business, and Kit and Kenji conspire to take over the WORLD... through incorporation.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the new augmentations book, Chrome Flesh.

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In which the team concludes the battle with the Yakuza in the Warehouse District.

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In which the team uses Maverick as bait for a chance to converse with Azani.

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In which the team scrambles to formulate a new plan after the first one blew up in Haze's face. They discover their target hired Runners of her own, and Maverick comes up with a bold strategy.

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