The Arcology Shadowrun Community Podcast

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a series on the cities of Shadowrun, starting with the most iconic: Seattle.

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In which the team proceeds without their diplomat. Surely the other runners' skills can compensate?

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk with "Good" Ray Rigel and Opti about running and playing Shadowrun with younger players.

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In which the team brainstorms how to convince the Yakuza to stop influencing the fights. Options include demolitions and... diplomacy? Diplomacy's a thing, right?

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In which the team starts in on legwork, and Swarm declares he can pronounce the names of his gear any way he pleases.

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In which the team meets with CalHot Louie and trouble ensues.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson briefly discuss Data Trails and read listener questions and stories.

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