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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the why, what, and how of metaplanar quests.  Plus a new listener story!

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In which we get a glimpse into Kenji's and Maverick's family lives before business calls them back into the Barrens.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk character optimization with Maverick from the Arcology Actual Play podcast.  Also included: a new listener story!

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In which the team tries to wrap up the previous job and, in the process of selling paydata, ends up in a showdown at the pawn shop.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk about the Shadowrun collectible card game, Crossfire. Also included: a new and extra-long Critter Corner. You may feel more at ease with a can of Raid nearby.

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In which the team, unable to rely on the con, introduces security forces to Startled and Surprised.

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In which the team uses their collective Con skill, specialized in Technobabble, to get in unnoticed.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer more of your questions and wrap up Run & Gun: called shots, martial arts, new uses for Edge, and demolitions!

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In which the team makes plans to plumb the depths of a megacorp in search of data.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson recount their Origins 2014 experience and present you with a new Storytime. Run & Gun coverage continues next week.

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In which the team spends a little down time and we get the opportunity to know a little more about them.

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In which the team gets the call, goes to the meet, and gets the opportunity to earn some hazard pay.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk Shadowrun Missions and upcoming conventions with Good Ray Rigel, Lead RPGs Agent of the Catalyst Demo Team.

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In which the team simply awaits a phone call, then intervenes in gang warfare on behalf of their hosts.

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In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss the combat maneuvers introduced in Run & Gun. Also included is a new segment, Extraterritoriality, which covers house rules.

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In which we are introduced to the Runners and they are introduced to their first job.

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In which Mr. Johnson and Vox examine the threads that will keep you from getting geeked. Or at least make you look better falling down. Also, our first impressions of Stolen Souls, and a special announcement.

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In which your hosts take a brief break from Run & Gun. Mr. Johnson interviews Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development briefly about the Shadowrun 5 Herolab update, then moves from the Sixth World to the Fourth World to discuss Earthdawn 4th edition with Josh Harrison, the line developer for Earthdawn.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the weapon accessories and modifications found in Run & Gun. In the second half of the show, Mr. Johnson sits down to talk about Realm Works campaign management software with Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development.

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson go through all the goodies in the Arsenal section of Run & Gun. In the news, some podcast love abounds, and we have a new story!

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In which Mr. Johnson talks Shadowrun with Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. of the Gamer's Tavern Podcast, plus a new listener story!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss ways to improve your rigger. Plus an in-depth rundown of most of the wheels, legs, tracks, and blades on which you'll be itching to spend your nuyen!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson briefly discuss the release of Run & Gun, and Mr. Johnson interviews Mitch Gitelman and Jordan Weisman of Harebrained Schemes, and tries not to panic.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss ways to improve your decker or technomancer. Also included: a new critter corner and a new listener story.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss how to improve your street samurai. More questions and answers, a new, epic Shadowrunner story, and Mr. Johnson makes no promises.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the ways in which you can improve your magician or adept shadowrunner through karma and/or nuyen expenditures. Also: question-and-answer and a new listener story!

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In which Jan Wagner of Cliffhanger Productions joins us for an in-depth interview about the upcoming game Shadowrun Online!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson cover the subject of music in the Sixth World: how GM's and players can use music to add depth to their campaigns/characters and some house-rule crunch on moonlighting as a musician. Plus: listener questions, a new listener story, and two bonus songs!

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Episode 019 - Vice in the Sixth World

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss vice in the sixth world. We will cover the addiction rules to the best of our ability, and we have a new listener story!

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Episode 018 - Religion in the Sixth World

For episode 18, Vox and Mr. Johnson are joined by a guest host. We cover the topic of the role of religion in Shadowrun; what religions exist in the sixth world, tips for playing a character with religious beliefs, and how religions might result in shadowruns. For this week's critter corner, we explore the dark and mysterious Shedim.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer listener questions about Shadowrun!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson, due to some schedule restrictions, throw any semblance of a script right out the window and devote an hour to talking about their own Shadowrun characters. Per listener request, of course!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss how to prepare for running a session. Also, a new You Are Who You Know, and another listener story!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson explore the process of designing your own adventures for Shadowrun, along with an example adventure designed on the podcast. Welcome to 2014!

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Our second bonus episode! Critical Glitch, Hiddengrid, and The Arcology podcasts get together to discuss our predictions for Shadowrun in 2014. Happy New Year!

Episode 013 - Game Mastering Shadowrun Part 2: Campaign Prep

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox talk about how to prepare your Shadowrun campaign. Also included: a review of the recently-released Gear Cards, and a new listener story!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a new series of episodes about running a Shadowrun campaign. Includes a new critter corner, storytime, and a review of Gun H(e)aven 3.

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In which your hosts Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the face. A new Critter Corner, and another new segment!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson uncover the many ways of the adept. Not just for martial artists anymore, the adept can be one of the most versatile or specialized characters in Shadowrun.

Also included, a new listener-submitted runner story and a new segment.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the role of the rigger. A new critter corner segment covers barghests: how to survive an encounter with them, or how to best inflict them upon your unsuspecting players! Also, a correction on spirits, who are in fact difficult to take down with normal weapons after all.

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Episode 008 – Magicians: Shadowrunner Dossier #3

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss hermetic mages, shamans, and aspected magicians in the third installment of the Shadowrunner Dossiers. There is exciting news on the Shadowrun Returns, Critter Corner covers Spirits, and there is an extra-long listener story to make up for the extra-long absence!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the second Shadowrunner archetype: Matrix users, specifically Deckers and Technomancers. Keeping in line with the Matrix theme, this episode's Critter Corner segment covers Sprites. Also included: another Shadowrun Returns module review and a listener-submitted story!

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Join us for the first bonus episode of the Arcology Podcast, in which Mr. Johnson interviews Justin from the Hidden Grid: The Sixth World Chronicles actual play Shadowrun podcast. Our conversation covers the topics of running a game online and GM'ing Shadowrun, and more.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson delve into the character archetype of the Street Samurai, including what Street Sams do, how to create them, and some roleplaying tips. Also included: a new Critter Corner segment and another listener submitted story.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson provide useful advice for surviving the completion of a run, including what to do when your employer decides to geek you.  Also included: a new Shadowrun Returns module review, another listener submitted story, and a brand new segment.

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the means of conducting a shadowrun, specifically various approaches to consider: when to keep it quiet and when to break out the big guns. Come for the discussion, stay for the first listener-submitted runner story!

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson explore the legwork phase of a shadowrun, including the gathering of information and the formulation of plans.  Also included: Our first Shadowrun Returns module review!

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In which your hosts Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a four-part series about the anatomy of a Shadowun. This series begins with an exploration of "The Meet", which is often how a Shadowrun begins.

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In which your hosts Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the cyberpunk fantasy roleplaying game Shadowrun, introducing new players to the world and whetting long-time Shadowrun fans’ appetites for the newly-released fifth edition of the game!

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